All massage services are by appointment only. New clients can call, text, or email to schedule their first appointment. Online booking will be available soon for returning clients. If you are running late please text or call to ensure we have enough time to adjust the session. My ability to accomodate you is dependent on availability in the schedule for the day. As a courtesy a minimum of 24 hours notice is required if you're cancelling or need to change your appointment time. The first missed appointment or occurence of rescheduling without 24 hours notice will be waived. All subsequent cancellations and rescheduled appointments lacking in proper notice will be charged at the full scheduled massage rate.


If you are sick or have a contagious condition please call and reschedule your appointment. Late cancellation fees will be waived due to illness.


For your convenience, all payments will be collected at the end of the session. Currently I accept cash and debit and credit cards. Tips are always appreciated but not expected.

Privacy Policy

All information obtained in therapeutic sessions will not be shared with anyone and is considered confidential. If the client requests to coordinate massage care with other healthcare providers a release form will be provided.

What should I wear for my Therapeutic massage session?

You will have access to a private room where you will disrobe to your level of comfort. Lotion or oil may or may not be used on your skin. The more skin that is accessible the better I can address the areas that need work. It's helpful to bring a pair of shorts and, for women, a sports bra.

What should I wear for my Shiatsu session?

This style of massage is done fully clothed. Wear something soft and comfortable pants. No oil is used in this massage.

What should I wear for my Thai massage session?

Wear comfortable non-slippery clothes that you can stretch in such as yoga pants and a lightweight shirt.


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